Stay Positive In Negative Situations

13 Simple Exercises To Stay Positive In Negative Situations

“Stay Positive and happy. Work hard and don’t give up on hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround yourself with happy, warm, and genuine people.”
– Tena Desae –

What if I say that there are no negative or positive situations? According to psychology, It is your reaction to any situation that makes the situation negative or positive.

It is merely the belief and faith we have cultivated over years or inherited from our elders.

I want to straightly jump on asking you certain questions.

Do you fear all the time that you will lose your close ones?

Have trust issues with people around you?

Do you feel giving up to mostly everything because you don’t feel it right?

Wow! So many doubts. Where this comes from?

All these negative talks & doubting yourself all the time?

Do you love yourself?

Do you ask a good life for your self every morning you wake up?

If you do it then you are doing a great job for yourself. Congratulations!

And those who are not doing, we have some business here.

Let’s talk about it.

I am being friendly with you so you don’t have to jump up on anything yet.

One Situation Multiple Response

Look around you. You will see your friends have a different response to a particular situation.

For example; think for a moment that you are out on a trip with your friends. The car tire flattens. Now every friend in the car will have a different response.

Response 1: Oh God! What the hell is this? I told you don’t take this road. Now see we are stuck.

Response 2: Oh no. We will get late my mom is gonna kill me. This is why I don’t come with you guys.

Response 3: We just need to change the tire guys. Let us do it it will hardly take some time.

What did you find different in all three situations?

The first person responded negatively. Second also negative and the third one was positive.

Some way or the other they all responded just similar to what they have seen their parents doing.

Whatever happens, happens for a good reason.

Believe this and your life is sorted. At least 70%. Why do I say that? See the video first. Though it seems childish. But will open the doors of your mind. Because visuals explain more than words.

Source: Pebbles Kids Stories

For this, think why it all happened and why that loss was good for you. Like Akbar realized after coming back from the hunting. So now let us match up this with our life.

You joined a company. You gave your complete efforts during the probation so that you are hired permanently. Despite your efforts, the company fired you. This has happened to me.

Now, as being a human your reaction will be; why me? I did all well but what happened, I m not worthy of it or I am not able to work in such a big company and blah blah…

You left the place and started looking for a job. You found a better job or say your dream job, the one you longed for your entire life.

Just think, would you be landed on this better job or your dream job if you would have not been kicked out fo the previous job.

God is always a Good God. Believe it and start enjoying life like never before.

“Everything happens for a good” will firstly ignite hope in you and will let you move forward with positivity.

I believe that after reading and seeing this you will be at much peace.

Starting with it, you will feel it is a little hard doing it. No matter you try, but in that particular situation, all you can do is either blaming yourself for the situation or the other person in the picture.

Turning Negative Into Positive

You have to stop worrying about the situation because sometimes it is not you who is doing everything purposely, right?

There are 7 billion people in the world. And all people have a different mindset to react to everything.

You cannot change the situation but you are always in control of how you react to it.

Just relax. Some parts of our life take another road to take us near our destination. It doesn’t matter what the road is. You are reaching where you want to go.

With every moment of disappointments for you, change your mind to this – it is happening for good reason.

Make a habit of this. Remember this every-time and repeat it no matter the problem is too small or big.

You will find your reasons soon. You will receive a good gift soon. God is good with all equally.

Apart from this, let’s move to some healthy exercises for you that will make you face the biggest problem of your life with a positive attitude.

Stay Positive In Negative Situations

Exercises to Cultivate Positive Mindset

Here are 13 exercises that help you easily stay positive in negative situations. The best thing about these exercises is that you will love doing them.

Stay Positive In Negative Situations

1. Keep A Company Of Positive People

Does this happen with you sometime when you meet a person and feel good? Like they are your medicine when you are too low.

My grandma always used to say about this: “If you are friends with a coal dealer, your hands might not get dirty but your clothes will have a bad smell.

Similarly, when you are friends with a perfume seller, he might not gift you perfume but you will benefit from the good smell every time you meet him.

The same is with positive and negative people. You need to make your choice.

Being in a good company makes you good. It makes you think good & it grows you inside.

Staying with positive people can change your thought process upside down without knowing that you have changed yourself.

There will be an obvious question here in your mind; where to find these positive people?

Look around for them in your friends & relatives. Those who are good will always be visible as stars on a night. Their energy will drive you to them.

Some people are shy and don’t like to indulge in such actions. But still, they need to have a positive company. Now what?

The solution is very simple, start reading a self-help book. Books are your best friends.

2. Focus On Solutions And Not On Problems

Whenever a problem comes, we tend to focus on the problem rather than the solution. This is because we are brought up that way. It’s a general human tendency.

It is not that I say and you do it. It isn’t that way. The first step towards focusing on solutions is to analyze your problem.

When you know your problem properly you can find solutions easily. Looking for solutions is a sign of hope and positivity.

Solutions are always there. Don’t you think we often don’t look for them? We tend to look longer on 1 door that is closed rather than the 10 that are already open.

Life is not awesome when you have no problems. Trust me.

I started one of my business & failed miserably. And I learned so many things out of it. So many failed ways to solve the problem. Now I know what I have to do to get success.

When you focus more on the problem, your mind starts drawing towards thinking something bad. You are all-time blaming the people or situation. instead, think about something good.

Focus on getting it solved. Every problem is an opportunity to do more and get successful. What you wish you can accomplish by diverting your mind on solutions.

It is immaterial how big or small your problem is, the solution is there if you calm yourself down and think hard enough.

I always say one thing for this that we tend to see what we want to see. If we tend to see problems then they come forward and if we tend to look for solutions they come forward.

You decide what you want to do with it.

3. Control Your Response To Problems

This has very much to do with your positivity. It is your to the situations. Being positive in life has one very important aspect. What you say has also a lot of power.

You might be working or studying. You might have seen students and colleagues that aren’t punctual or studious enough but still are teachers or boss’s favorite. Why?

They can react properly to the situations which come forth to them.

Don’t get confused. I was working for an airline company back in 2011. I had a colleague of mine. He was very punctual about time, completing the work allocated, and everything perfect.

Whereas I had a different approach to my work. I wasn’t that punctual about time like him.

We used to settle our journals every month end. So whenever a mistake was there he used to panic and even sometimes lost himself. My reaction to this was completely different.

When such a problem arose, I always use to start from the base and look into the problem from the inception. It helped me to understand the pattern and solve it in less time than what my colleague use to take.

It sometimes happened that he wasn’t even able to solve due to his frustration and negative reaction to the situation.

Thus, be very sure of what reaction gives on your problem in life.

4. Be Grateful For What You Have.

I am saying it with experience. God loves those who love what God has given to them. Never complain about what you have and why you have.

You can never change that. God has given you everything because he thinks it is best for you. God loves everyone & we should be thankful for what you have. Keep thanking him every day.

Thank him for giving you a good day, for giving you a good family and for all your wishes coming true no matter small or big.

Be grateful and show gratitude towards God. You will see a positive change in your life just after you start believing that what you have is best because you deserve the best.

We are a new generation and don’t believe much on these things. But you will start being grateful if you read the next few paragraphs because these all benefits are scientifically proven.

Gratitude helps you stay happier, reduces stress, increases positivity, makes you feel better about yourself and this eventually improves your emotional life.

It helps to sleep better, boost the metabolism and immune system. I addition to that your social life also improves due to your contentful life and grateful nature.

Moreover, it helps increase your productivity and makes you more creative. Though you work for someone or yourself.

5. Lift Others To Lift Yourself Up

The joy of lifting someone is so big you feel happy all over again. We are powerful humans. Believe it or not, but we can grow a tree on any dry land.

The power of positivity starts in your life when truly indulge yourself in helping others. Feel happy about them & send wishes to them.

Call out the universe and tell, may you fulfill his/her wishes. Try to do whatever possible by you to help them reach their goal.

Be a guide to the people. When you support another human, you get the immense power from the universe to lift yourself. Your power becomes double in size to fulfill your dreams and wishes.

Lifting others is kindness and kindness is contagious.

Want to try this? Ok. Keep your eyes open. You will find this kindness coming back to you by the end of each day. Believe me.

For the next week, every morning just do one act to help/lift others. Though it is your colleague, friend, relative, or even a tea vendor who serves you near your office.

Listening to someone also helps them express themselves better and help them grow. Showing the way if you know, doing something for someone when they are unable to do are all acts of lifting others.

People’s perception of you will be changed. You will be adored and respected.

6. Don’t Jump On Conclusion Too Fast

Jumping on the conclusion is like inviting negativity. I call it jumping over the knife.

For yourself or even related to other people. You don’t have to judge each and everything in life hard & fast.

Let me tell you one incident from my real life. I have a colleague. A good employee and wanted to write articles for a different niche. She tried her best but failed and got rejected.

Initially, she started concluding the wrong about the rejection. But when she was alone and review her work once again with a different perspective she realized that it was right.

Instead of judging, monitor your whole journey. Monitor your life, your situations & your nature. Because these all are interconnected.

Take the example of fighting with your close friend. You don’t want to fight with a person you love judging without knowing the intentions will eventually hurt them.

This is applicable everywhere in life; with your parents, with your friends, colleagues, and even acquaintances.

Because you didn’t monitor the situation. You didn’t monitor why that person did something. You can ignore many negatives by just monitoring with your logical mind. This will help you stay positive.

7. Speak Out Your Negative Thoughts

Speak your heart out is the best exercise to keep yourself away from negativity. Keeping thoughts in mind will make you rethink it again and again. this will result in more negativity.

We all have some very close friends that are always there to hear. They will hear it, console us, and give us hope or even provide a solution for your problem.

If you don’t have anyone such or don’t like to put your things to others, it’s fine. Start evaluating yourself. Don’t just listen to yourself.

Ask questions, put yourself in other’s shoes, ask why is that happening, etc. You will surely find the answers.

I always say one thing to my people – ” Become an audience when you face a problem.”

How is that possible? When you have any negative situation or problem just try to view the situation as it has happened with others.

We are always good to advise others. To become that other for yourself.

Self-talks are needed every day of our life. When you are alone or going for the bed, take 5 min with you and confess whatever you want to.

If you feel hatred towards a person in your life, say it to yourself and ask why. You will solve small to big puzzles of your life in just some minutes.

You can get away from many bad feelings within you. We all need self-talks. Because that is going to bring you all your answers.

8. Don’t Let Bad Situations Take Away The Good In You

You will never allow any person to walk with their dirty feet on your soul. Promise yourself this today. You will always protect your originality and your good thoughts.

Protecting your being is very important. Some people say, after some bad thing happened with me, I have become this now. Why but?

Changing your good attitude to bad is not going to change even a fraction of your life.

Trust God and his wills for you. Because he equally loves everyone. It is your call on your attitude, your behavior, decisions, and your thought process how you want them.

9. Build your Faith

Your faith is everything. It gives you the power to stand up every time you fall. Usually, we tend to give up at times when we are near to success. This is a lack of faith.

We see many of us around us trying hard to do something but cannot achieve or this may be the case with ourselves. Trust in the process, have faith, and never give up.

During my initial days of career, I did the same. Started many start-ups. Failed ample of times.

This was when I learned that I did not work on my faith well. Always, I gave up on times when near to success.

You can do a small exercise every morning. Mornings are pure. When you sleep, you keep aside today and look forward to a new beginning every day.

It’s only this day you want to make the most of it. When you wake up, the first 5 minutes give to the universe. Give the Universe a gratitude note for giving you another day to live.

Send good wishes to your loved ones and notice your breath in breath out. Recall your duties. You are going to feel powerful.

10. Live In Present

Have you observed small children? How happy and energetic they are? Do you know what is the reason behind that?

They always live in the present. The present doesn’t mean today. It means that very moment. They never remember yesterdays nor they think of tomorrows. Just live in the present.

Never feel the pressure of tomorrow or pain of yesterday. Your life is not over. Your life has many surprises for you.

Living in presence gives you a sense of happiness. You laugh more. There are no worries about the future.

What if? How? Why? Why not? All these question bubbles will be pinned with your presence. Your mind will be in today. That is the key to success and positivity in life.

11. Treat Yourself Often

During your days of struggle, we are often stuck with negativity. We end up going home/office in a bad mood ruining our You are not everything but you are something.

This is very helpful. It helps you gain confidence and fills you with positivity. I used to do it often during my struggle period.

It can be anything, the mojito you like, the chocolate you love – go and have it. Give yourself a good dinner treat.

Give importance to yourself. You are something. You are a supreme self of good energy around you. What you do is unique and is given to you.

Lighten up your mood. If you have friends to do it with you then its like heaven. But if you are alone then also it is no less than heaven.

Don’t return God’s gift and give yourself every chance in life.

12. Accept Your Mistake and Rectify it

If you want to live a very easy life with no extra salt and pepper, start accepting your mistake. When you do a mistake, first of all, believe that you are a human. And it’s your right to make mistakes.

Don’t get irritated by people for pointing out your mistakes. Because you do the same for others. Accept it calmly.

There is no harm in accepting it. They aren’t gonna kill you. Don’t worry.

Mistakes are not the end of everything. Admit it that yes you did it and move on. Move on to your next move.

Life is simple like that. And please, don’t get into arguments with others that why you did that & not this.

Just do a favor to yourself and affirm this that your mistakes are not bigger than you. You are bigger than your mistakes.

You can do things right at any point in your life. There is never too late to make your things right.

Acceptance will help you develop positivity in the worst of your situations.

13. Take Criticism Positively

Criticism is the key to success. When someone criticizes you, you get stronger. Make your will strong that no other negatives can harm you.

There are millions of minds everywhere telling you different opinions. And that is okay. Take criticism as advice and be positive.

You should never feel that you are not good, you are amazing. You are the next upcoming star. Believe in you.

I remember amazing lines from a Hindi song; “Kuch Toh Log Kahenge, logo ka to kaam hai Kehna, chodo bekar ki battion mein bit na Jaye Raina.

Translation – People will say something or other, it’s their business to talk, forget all these useless things, or else our night will just end around them.

So” Don’t Worry Be Happy”

Embrace yourself toward happiness. Live, laugh, and keep doing what you love.

If you like to talk to us or want guidance on any matter we will be more than happy to help you. Don’t forget to let us know about our article.

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