Universe Communicates

How The Universe Communicates With Us?

The Universe communicates with us all the time, it is you who needs to understand it.
– Fahim Lashkaria –

When you understand how the universe communicates, the manifestation journey turns out to be filled with miracles.

We all experience it. Those who believe and practice the Law of Attraction, these coincidences or messages are the signs from the universe. Whereas for those who don’t believe in LOA, they call it their sixth sense or insights.

There are many ways in which the universe communicates with us. The messages are delivered through nature, people, events, inner voice, things, etc.

We sometimes feel that the universe is trying to tell us something, but we aren’t able to understand what it is. We long to find answers to our unsolved questions.

The Universe is communicating with us. The sole purpose of these communications is to divert, direct, act or stop you from doing a particular thing.

You have to be vigilant about the occurrence of these events. Most of the signs or say all the signs from the universe are repetitive. They will go on showing up until you don’t get it right.

Moreover, if you don’t get it right yourself, the universe brings situations that make you do it the right way after the realization of your mistake.

Let’s reconcile how many of these signs we have understood and was our interpretation right or wrong.

But before we move to those signs in which the universe communicates, there are few necessary things to keep in mind.

Desire To Receive

Most of us don’t desire to receive it. We always see things as we want them to be even if clear signs are depicting the opposite. We go on adjusting and then a time comes we break down to ashes. It is then we understand what it meant.

Universe/God or Superpower whatever you call upon hears and replies every time you ask. I would not like to comment much on this. Watch the video below and you will know how the universe communicates and how easily you can ask for guidance from it.

If you have any questions related to this video, feel free to ask.

The universe is nothing other than your higher self, your inner spirit, your faith. So, build a perfect relationship with the universe. Cultivate the desire to receive from the universe and you will never be unguided.

Positive Mental Attitude

To understand the language of the universe your state of mind is extremely important.

If your mind is in a negative state then you will never be able to interpret the signs properly. Thus, your interpretation will always be biased with your inner guilt or pain.

On the contrary, when your mind is in a positive state, you are calm and in an acceptance mode and you will see things. Hence, it is first necessary to cultivate a positive mindset.

There is no such thing as a coincidence. Whatever happening in our life has come to benefit us in one or the other way. The only thing that matters is seeing through that illusion.

Sir Napolean Hill has said it perfectly, “Every adversity in your life carries an equal seed of opportunity.”

When you have this mindset, you will always see the worse outcomes differently. You will try to dig deep for your answers and eventually will understand what was the purpose of that occurrence.

Signs In Which Universe Communicates

The universe communicates through nature, people, events, inner voice, pain or physical things.

Being a mindset coach, I have the privilege to interact with people and help them to manifest different types of goals and desires. Thus, I have a chance to see the different kinds of signs in which the universe communicates.

Let me give you some of the examples.



We might have experienced that we have planned some important meet and a sudden change in the atmosphere occurs. You can’t reach there.

On the contrary, you get stuck somewhere due to these natural changes. It makes you meet someone helpful in your manifestation process. It can also happen that it helps you to see situations similar to yours. This can give a solution to your problem.

To understand these natural signs, you need to be vigilant enough all the time.

I am a student of psychology and thus believe in things that are more practical than superficial. Thus, you won’t find natural signs like feathers, colors or numbers on my list.

They do have a positive effect and create hope. So people experience it and feel that something good is happening in their life. That’s it. This is the only purpose I see in these signs.

For those believing in numerology or psychic things, this could be helpful. I ain’t the perfect person to comment on them.


Universe Communicates

The universe communicates through pain in many ways. It can be the pain of death or disease of people around you, losing someone you love, uneasiness or not feeling well, severe pain in body parts especially in your stomach.

Usually, death or disease of loved ones pushes us to take the bitter steps that elevate us or bring us out of a bad situation.

Usually, loss of love is due to the lack of some emotions on either side. When the universe takes them away, you feel hurt. You change yourself and don’t repeat the mistake or find a better person.

Often it has happened to me that I start feeling uneasiness. This is when I am planning to do something and a sudden uneasiness makes me re-evaluate things. This has saved me from making big blunders.

Sometimes we meet someone whose presence makes us feel uncomfortable. The universe gives signs to leave the place or stay away.


follow bliss

While walking down the street, we have many regular acquaintances. Often it is for a purpose. You node your head daily to even if you don’t know their name or anything else. Suddenly, the conversation starts and that person is helpful to you in your current situation.

The universe sends some people in our life to experience the good or bad so that we can learn from those experiences. It could lead to your success path, show you the direction or save you from harm.



We are intrigued by the universe to go to some places or events like seminars, marriages, or meet-ups. You visit these places and find answers to your questions or meet the person that is helpful to you.

Whenever a new chapter was written in my life, it was through such events. Many times I was unwillingly dragged to such events and they provided me with the guidance I badly wanted at that time.

Recently, I was stuck in one of my new projects and I found an invitation to a seminar on my Facebook feed. I saw it continuously for 3 days and I registered. I attended that seminar and found the answers to all my questions.

Inner Voice – Intuition


We keep on hearing a voice inside us that is guiding us to do or take some action. This is the universe talking to us.

Our intuition often expresses itself through a feeling. These feelings are products of an active unconscious mind which is in direct alignment with the universe.

It is relaying a message from the beyond. You don’t want to think that thought. But it is popping again and again just to show you the path.

Those who meditate regularly have a greater chance of understanding their intuitions better. The more you know your inner self the more you are aligned with the universe.


Inner voice

This can be anything and everything around you. I recommend being a thorough observer. See your surroundings carefully and you will always be guided.

It can be a message on a coffee mug, something written on clothes of people, lyrics of a song, words, phrases or titles in an unknown book, or hoardings.

Thorough observation helps to identify the signs easily. All you need to do is to pay attention to those things.

Have you seen the video embedded above? You will know how the book helped Ulla Suokko to find her path.

Final Thoughts

Universe Communicates

Now, we know how the universe communicates with us, we are more prone to keep our eyes wide open and pay attention to things around us.

One thing I would like to add here is that keep a neutral mind while observing and understanding these signs. You will only see what you want to see. So be open to everything and dont bound yourself to your opinion.

Secondly, the meaning of signs interpreted by you and others will always be different. Trust what is there in it for you. You are the best judge.

If you need any help in understanding signs around you or have any questions feel free to ask. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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