Unrealistic Goals

Why Most Winners Have Unrealistic Goals?

Progress and innovation happen when you set unrealistic goals.
– Simon Sinek –

There is always a discussion on realistic and unrealistic goals. Some say that setting a realistic goal is better and some emphasize impossible goals.

When we look around us we usually find that every big achievement, invention, or accomplishment that was made was once said “Unrealistic”.

On the other hand, realistic goals have given results but people haven’t achieved something new or great.

So it is clear from this that if you want to achieve something great you have to target the impossible.

What are Unrealistic Goals?

Big Goals

Unrealistic doesn’t mean something unachievable. It means a higher standard of what others have accomplished.

Something impossible in the current situation doesn’t mean it’s unrealistic. Something no one has done doesn’t make it impossible.

Henry Ford once said, “If I had asked people, they would have said they wanted fast horses.” I can give you 100s and 1000s of examples of achievements. Let me list some for you:

  • Ever imagined the touch-screen phone 20 years ago until the first smartphone was invented.
  • The email that we use today before 25 years.
  • Talking to people live.

We must probably admit that all these things were unrealistic at some time. All were accomplished just because some people dared to set these “Unrealistic Goals” and worked hard to bring their visions into reality.

3 Characteristics of Unrealistic Goals

Unrealistic Goals

Research shows that there are 3 characteristics common in every unrealistic goal.

Vision: Vision something that ignites the fire. When the company leaders have big visions people die to work for such companies.

Purpose Driven: Purpose is what is the fuel that makes you move. Without purpose, it is just moving into the dark. This is what Simon Sinek, calls the “WHY”. The purpose lets you move, stay firm, and stand up even if you are at your worst.

Committed: Every person who has achieved something great and so-called impossible was thoroughly committed to the vision and purpose. We also set some unrealistic goal but we lack commitment. Hence, we give up or stop working when we face hurdles.

Story Of Elon Musk

We all know Elon Musk, the owner of SpaceX.

Many of us might not know that SpaceX is nothing but a vertical trucking company. Similar to the horizontal trucking companies that transport goods, a vertical trucking company is the one that transports goods to space.

More than 15 other companies are doing this work but what is different about SpaceX. It is the vision, purpose, and commitment of Elon Musk.

When Elon Musk was asked, what is the vision of SpaceX and his answer was astonishing.

He said, “My vision of SpaceX is to develop technology and resources suitable to human colonization on Mars possible in the next 10 years.”

The second question asked was about the purpose of the SpaceX.

To this, he replied, “There are 1 in 30000 times chances of the destruction of the human race by asteroids. Humans are the most precious of all and want to make it easy for people to have another place.”

This is the purpose that drives him and his company to work restlessly towards his unrealistic goal. This shows his commitment.

Smart people don’t want to waste their life working on shitty ideas. They long to work for something great. Hence, you get the supporters as well as employees as a team to work with who believe in you and want to be a part of something great.

Why You Must Set Unrealistic Goals?


Here are some reasons why you must set unrealistic goals.

Eradicates the Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is one of the biggest hurdles for success. Those who fear failure, are less likely to succeed. Remember, failure is the staircase to success and we can learn more from our failure.

Thus, unrealistic goals prove to be good for us. Accomplishing an unrealistic goal, we are going to fail several times. It is not going to be easy. This makes us get used to failure.

Getting up after each failure will eradicate your fear of failure. You will become familiar with failure and keen on learning to improve.

Increases Self-Confidence

When we achieve or move towards impossible goals it develops a strong belief in our abilities. We feel unbeatable.

No goal is too big for us and we are always ready for challenges. Eventually, this makes us more determined and motivated.

Helps You Push Your Limits

Achieving these impossible goals will require tremendous effort and dedication. We cannot get the desired results without working extra hard. Thus, it helps you push your limits.

Once you push your limits, every day is a new challenge and every accomplishment is getting you towards success.

Helps You Set New Heights

If no one has done, it doesn’t mean it is impossible. Don’t let anyone come and tell that it is impossible to achieve a particular goal.

Usually, such people tell based on their knowledge and information. But as our goals are unrealistic and no one might have done it before.

When we achieve our unrealistic goal we are the inceptors and we set the new heights for people which they will follow.

Develops Thinking Outside The Box

When we set unrealistic goals, we know that we will not be able to achieve them if we aren’t creative enough with our strategies.

To define and plan these creative strategies we require thinking outside of the box. Things no one has done or thought of.

Final Thoughts

Unrealistic Goals

In the end, here are a few things you need to remember:

  1. The universe doesn’t give you the desire to accomplish something that you don’t have the potential for.
  2. It is not gonna be easy. You will have to face multiple setbacks.
  3. Anything extraordinary can only be achieved if you have a positive attitude as well as a thorough belief in yourself.
  4. Don’t expect others to understand, feel, and see your vision.
  5. You can achieve bold targets only if you are on fire about accomplishing your goals.
  6. If you are lethargic about your goals or just in for money, very few chances of success.
  7. Don’t try to achieve a goal that someone else has set for you and your heart is not in it. It will always lead to disappointment.
  8. Commitment is mandatory. Sometimes, at the initial stages, we are extremely excited but quickly lose interest when we see the hurdles in the path.
  9. There are chances that we decide on a challenging goal but cannot reach it. When we set these ambitious goals and put all our efforts into it, we are already a winner.
  10. We can hold your head high regardless of the result because still, we have set a higher markup for those who did not try.

Don’t think much. If you have an idea and believe and thoroughly know that it could be helpful then go get it.

Whatever your big dreams are just don’t worry because people call it unrealistic. Every day someone or the other is achieving their unrealistic goals.

If you need any help or would like to talk about changing your life, feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to assist you.

Unrealistic Goals

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