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What Is A Vision Board And How It Works?

“Live your dream life twice. Once while putting it on your vision board and then living it.”
– Fahim Lashkaria –

We hear the term vision board or dream board a lot, but some believe it and some not. Let’s understand first what it is and then we will look into the whys and hows of vision boards.

I will try to explain this in layman terminology. No prophetic words and no unbelievable examples.

A vision board is a picturesque representation of dreams of every aspect of your life. Dream home, dream car, ideal relationship, perfect health, abundant wealth, and social status.

In simple terms, it means making a board in which you put your goals/dreams you want to achieve.

It can be a real board hanging on your wall with pinned images, multiple photo frames on the wall, a screen saver on your personal computer or mobile.

For example, you dream to have a house at the beach, physique like a star, dream vacation at the Maldives, a supercar, beautiful bride/groom, and a happy family.

Vision Board

All you need to do is to find the images best representing your dreams/goals. This is the easy way.

Another way to get it done more precisely is to get it photoshopped. Placing yourself into the pictures. I prefer this one as it puts me in and my mind can easily feel it.

If you are an artist or a sketcher, you can even paint or sketch it bringing your imagination to life.

I hope your definition of a vision board is crystal clear in your head now.

Why Vision Board?

The purpose of making a vision board is pretty simple. Our mind understands the language of images and signs more than words. Seems unbelievable?

Look at the image below:

Vision Board

Isn’t it mouth-watering? Your mouth wouldn’t have been filled with saliva if I had just described the food. This is how your mind works.

There are two things here to see one is that by seeing the image your senses responded. Secondly, the emotions. Your mind made you feel the fool.

Let me give you another demo. You have multiple thoughts in a day, good and bad. Some of us can’t just stop thinking about bad ones.

We tell our mind to stop thinking, but it doesn’t listen. Especially when its a fearful and deep thought.

Many times you might have seen people nodding their heads, crossing their fingers to command the mind to stop and it stops.

Ok then, it is clear that our mind works more on images than on words. This is the “why” of the vision boards.

How The Vision Board Works?

Vision Board

You might have heard people say to visualize. It means feeling an undone act as if it has occurred. These dream boards are to help you visualize easily. What it means when I say properly, is that with utmost feelings.

When you see yourself on those vision boards which have images of you acquired or living your dream life, it helps you believe it for that time.

You go on practicing every day and it becomes imprinted on your mind. Now, all you need to close your eyes to see yourself having achieved your goals. It puts feelings into it.

The more emotionally we are attached to our goals the more motivated we are. These dream boards are the ignitors of positive emotions and motivation to work towards your goals.

Vision Board

Psychological studies have proven that the more you have the emotional intensity the sooner are the chances of achieving your goals.

These vision boards are nothing but the supportive techniques of the Law of Attraction.

Every day, you wake up and see these vision boards and are inspired to take action to fulfill your dreams.

The more you see, the more you involve your mind to feel the situation with emotions it inspires you to work for it.

Vision Board

When your mind sees things multiple times, it starts believing it even though it does not currently exist.

I would like to give an additional tip that I share with my clients and students. This will fill you with more tangible emotions which will help your mind easily accept it.

Physical Visualization

Along with this emotional exercise, try some physical exercise also. This exercise is what I call is physical visualization.

If you want to buy a car, go for a test drive. Do this to imprint the fragrance of a new car in your mind. Drive it and store that experience in your mind.

YOu can apply this on trying suits, watches, shoes by window shopping. Take pictures when you do this. Hang them on your vision board.

If something isn’t easily available to try, see, or make videos of it. While seeing it see yourself in it. This has helped me a lot and sure it will help you too.

Do’s & Don’ts For Vision Boards

Vision Board

There are some important things you need to keep in mind.

1. Be crystal clear about your goals. Plan long and short term goals.

2. Both of your long and short term goals must be SMART.

Clarity of Goals

3. Break them into small achievable goals. The feeling of achievement of each small goal will keep you inspired during the journey.

4. Believing in your dreams and that they are possible. I always say this to my clients and students. If you have only 0.001% doubt then also you won’t be able to get desired results.

5. Keep yourself away from negative emotions. They ruin your imagination and mental balance. Thus, it will delay your outcomes.

6. If you are new to this LOA thing, you might face some delay as you would be lacking to do things required. Don’t lose hope. You will eventually get through.

7. Don’t bother yourself with other’s opinions about your dreams and techniques.

8. Look out for what you are doing wrong and if not getting through, look out for a mentor.

9. Don’t get too involved with end goals. Sometimes, it so happens that it is good for us but it isn’t and the universe doesn’t give you. Because it has plans to give you better than that.

10. Stay in the positive aura by having a company of people who support and believe in your goals. Those who are mad like you, seeing the unseen and believing in it. This ignites the manifestation process.

11. Last but most important, take required actions don’t sit staring at your board. Action is the key to success.

Vision Board

Very soon, I will be publishing an article on How to design an effective vision board. so stay tuned.

If you have any questions, I know you won’t have it, but still, you can contact me. If you need any help feel free to ask.

I am a Behavior Analyst and Mindset Coach. I will be more than happy to assist you.

Happy Manifesting!

Vision Board

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