What is Visualization & How To Visualize Easily?

Imagination + Emotions = Visualization.
– Fahim Lashkaria –

Understanding the visualization is extremely important in the process of manifestation. Most of us are either not doing it properly or not having proper knowledge about it.

You will be amazed to hear that we use this in our daily life. But somehow we don’t know it consciously.

You can change your entire life with the help of acute Visualization. I have changed my life and being a life coach this has helped many people change their life too.

What is Visualization?


The dictionary meaning of visualization is:

“The representation of an object, situation, or set of information as an image. Formation of a mental image of something.” 

The actual meaning of visualization in manifestation is a picturization of something with the emotions of accomplishment. It is the rehearsal of the future in the present moment.

In simple terms, it is creating a small movie trailer of what you want in your life. When emotions like a sense of achievement, happiness, contentment are added to it our mind starts feeling it.

The mind only understands the language of images and emotions. Your body responds accordingly. Your mind is a very powerful part of your body. It can bend reality too.

We usually see in crime series that the criminals can trick the lie detectors. They control their emotions with pain and hurt that helps them do this. Let me share a simple experiment.

Matchstick Experiment

You will need a volunteer for this. Call a friend or family member to assist you. Don’t tell them anything about this.

Take a matchbox and light 2-3 matchsticks so that they can hear the sound of lighting a matchstick. Ask them about the burning sensation if the match was touched to their skin.

Blindfold them now and make them sit on a chair. Take 2 matchsticks. Light one matchstick and immediately touch the unused matchstick to his/her hand and watch them jump from their seat.

They will scream at you and when you ask them what happened, they will say that they felt the burning sensation. This happened because they saw you lighting the matchsticks, heard the sound and also talked about the pain of the burn.

The whole thing was in their mind. When you touched the unlighted matchstick, they were into the visual reality of burning matchstick and felt the real experience of burn.

Think, how powerful your brain is. Combining your imagination with emotions makes a huge difference. You can feel things even if they aren’t happening.

When you visualize what you want in life, you see the image of that car/house/partner. You connect it to the emotions and then feel those emotions. Feeling the emotions will make the mind feel that it is happening. You the body will start to respond accordingly.

When you regularly visualize then your wish becomes a burning desire. It inspires you to do those things that will take you near your dream.

You will able to see the opportunities that the Universe brings forth. Earlier also it was happening but as your mind was not focused on the final result, you missed them. That is why clarity of goals is always necessary for visualization.

How To Visualize Easily?


The whole visualization game is about the balance between your imagination and emotions. The more clear you have the image of your goals in your mind, the more intensively you can feel the emotions.

After helping lots of people to manifest, here are the steps I recommend people for easy and effective visualization.

  • Being Positive.
  • Meditate.
  • Visualize the Current Situation.
  • Visualize What You Want.
  • Feel The Accomplishment.

Being Positive

A positive state of mind is very important in anything you do. Usually, when we are getting visualization, our minds are tired of setbacks and we have a negative mindset. So it is necessary to be positive before you start to visualize.

I have given 13 exercises that can help you stay positive in negative situations.


The second important thing along with positivity is to tranquilize your brain before you visualize. Your mind needs to be on zero thought state while doing the visualizing. To get this state you need to meditate.

The best time to meditate is sitting on the bed when you wake up in the morning. Many types of researches have confirmed that this is the best time. Because when you wake up your mind is clear. Sitting and meditating for about 10-15 minutes will help you attain that level.

Doing this will clear your mind of unwanted thoughts and you will be able to focus easily on visualization.

Visualize the Current Situation

Do this only of a minute. Just think of the bad emotions that you have in the current situation before manifestation. There is a reason behind this.

I am telling to you to do this just because we need to remove it from your mind. Now just try to erase that memory by moving your hand in the air like cleaning the blackboard.

As your mind understands the emotions and images, you are trying to erase the bad from your mind. This exercise helps the mind to stop thinking about the erased situation. Thus, It will encourage you to think about solutions.

Visualize What You Want

Once you have erased it, now start visualizing the thing that you want instead. Make it as powerful and real as possible. If you have good imagination power, visualize by moving your body parts and putting emotions on your face.

Move your hands, feel the smile, happiness, smell, and pleasure of those things. The more you add emotions to it the more you get connected.

This will help the mind to believe that it is happening and give confidence for you to move forward to achieve it.

Feel The Accomplishment

The last thing you need to do during the visualization is to see the accomplishments of goals. Feel the joy of success. Moreover, see people surrounded by you benefiting from that accomplishment.

For example, feel the joy of having a car and see the smile on the faces of your family members while enjoying a trip.

This makes the emotional connection stronger. Complete the visualization process with the accomplishing affirmation- “It is already happening and on its way.”

Do it until it pleases you. Doing it for 30 minutes regularly will help you materialize and manifest things faster.

Final Thoughts


Visualization helps you get into your future reality. When your mind accepts that future reality it becomes easier to move forward and take action. Action is mandatory. Just visualization is not enough.

In my opinion, the visualization helps you identify the opportunities coming your way which you missed earlier. When you have a positive aura and you are feeling it every day, it inspires you to take action.

If you need any help regarding visualization, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you

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