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Simple Trick For Those Who Cannot Visualize Easily

Just making a vision board will only help to some extent. But imitating the act will help you visualize easily and manifest quickly.
– Fahim Lashkaria –

People complain about having difficulties doing visualization. Like me, most of you also watched “The Secret” and came to know about the Law of Attraction.

We all follow those things and still, there are times we aren’t able to manifest and sometimes the results are delayed. Why does this happen?

There are two reasons for this. The first reason is the misconceptions about LOA that LOA is magic and everything will happen on its own.

But that is no at all true, you have to work for it too. If you have food on your table, you can’t eat without lifting it with your hand and put it into your mouth.

The second reason is the improper knowledge of visualization. Most of us have read many articles and watched many videos. No one tells the complete story.

All say, you visualize and you get. When asked about visualization, they say that imagine yourself doing it. Picture it. But tell me the truth, how many of you can easily do this?

My visualization game has two parts. One is emotional visualization and the second is physical visualization.

Emotional visualization is the process of daydreaming with a purpose. I have explained in my previous article about emotional visualization.

Moreover, you can find this everywhere over the internet and to be honest, others might have explained better than me.

Before writing this article, I just gave it a try to search in google about physical visualization, but couldn’t find anything.

This inspired me to write about what physical visualization is and how it can help you visualize easily and also manifest quickly.

Physical Visualization – For Those Who Cannot Visualize Easily

Visualize Easily

I and my close friend started our LOA journey together in 2004. At that time I was living and working in the UAE. My friend sent me a recorded CD of the movie “The Secret”.

I saw the movie for almost 20 times. Just to understand the concept. We used to discuss a lot over this topic and try things shown in it. Small achievements started happening. But we also couldn’t visualize easily.

We dug enough for about 6 months, researched and founded as much data as we could for our understanding of visualization.

In this process, we found the gist of visualization. It was physical visualization. How many of you remember the secret movie?

In that movie, there is a scene, where a person sitting in his home on his chair drives the car, then peeps into the car inside the showroom. This was what we found?

When it comes to manifesting physical things like car, bike, home, book, toys, etc. the physical visualization helps extensively.

With this information, As I was living in the UAE, I was first focusing on UAE driver’s license and he was living in India and focusing on buying a car. We both started our manifestation experiment with physical visualization.

My story is simple, I used to accompany my friends who were taking tests and see myself getting a license.

When any of them got a license, I use to take a picture and paste my photo using photoshop. and pinned it over my Vision Board. And I got the UAE driver’s license in the first try. Who lives in the UAE knows how difficult is it to get the driver’s license.

Emotional Visualization

But my friend’s story is quite interesting. During those days, he used to drive a HeroHonda bike. He finalized a car model. Initially, he started with emotional visualization.

He used to drive his bike as if it was a car. To add emotions to it, he used to imagine waving hi/hellos to his neighbors from the car window.

The next step was to picture the car. He put the picture of the car everywhere so that he could see it many times a day. His mobile display screen, his desktop wallpaper, in his wallet, everywhere.

Physical Visualization

The second thing he started doing was to physically feel the car so that his emotions would be more powerful during visualization.

So he started visiting different car dealers in the city. Every week he used to book one test drive at one of the dealers. Like this, he visited almost 7 dealers in the city and surrounding areas.

He did all this just to make visualization powerful. Getting the smell of a new car, the rearview mirrors, the key of the car. He used to spend about an hour while asking the features and understanding in detail.

This made his visualization so powerful that he was able to see the car just by closing his eyes. No more delays in visualizing his car.

Action and Manifestation

Now the action part. Everywhere he went he asked for the price, the EMI calculations, documentation, etc.

Along with the visualization every single day, he started arranging for the money. He had some amount of money saved for downpayment during all these months. Now a time of worry came that how to manage the rest.

He struggled for a few days and then he decided to get a loan. So he approached two different banks where he already had accounts.

As his desire, emotions, and visualization were aligned, the first bank informed him that he already had a preapproved loan of half the amount. Still, he was halfway but didn’t let the negativity take over him.

He kept on visualizing and looking for ways. After around 15 days, the second bank offered him a loan against one of his mother’s fixed deposits and his matter was solved. He committed to repaying the loan and now he was a happy owner of that car.

Final Thoughts

Visualize Easily

Physical visualization helps in almost everything, but quite effective in manifesting physical things like cars, houses, gadgets, toys, game consoles, etc.

I have helped many people use physical visualization and it has eventually worked every time.

Some delays were there due to their mental state, but everyone was able to achieve their goal.

Physical Visualization helps you get clarity of goals – what you want in the best possible manner.

You have seen it, felt it, in real and then you put into visualization with all the emotions and taking action on the required things. No one can stop you manifest your dreams.

If you want any help regarding physical visualization, feel free to contact us so that we can help you visualize easily. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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