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Manifesting Desired Weight Loss Using LOA

“Weight loss doesn’t begin in the gym with a dumbbell; it starts in your head with a decision.”
– Toni Sorenson –

Everything is first created in your mind and then into reality. The same is the case with your weight loss. All you need to do is to first cultivate a mindset that will support your actions. Believe me, your weight loss will be just a play for you.

What if I tell you that working hard or starving diets to lose weight without proper thoughts will never give the desired results.

Does this happen to you? You lost weight but developed some other body issues like a decrease in your metabolism or look pale etc.

I have been an LOA practitioner for more than a decade. Additionally, I am also a psychology student. During all these years, I have manifested many goals in my life which also include my fitness goals.

Initially, I was just like you, following everything around the internet. Be it diets, exercises, and doing everything that everyone suggested. Along this journey, I was able to understand how the mind and body are completely interconnected.

I am about to make a statement which most of you won’t be able to digest. Don’t worry, I have everything to support my theory.

“You can lose weight even eating your regular, traditional or cultural diet just by developing your mindset along with some discipline.”

Shocked??? Don’t be. I will give answers to every question running in your mind. Let’s start. At the end of this article, I have good news for you.

How To Manifest Desired Weight Loss Using LOA?

There are two aspects to consider while you are planning a weight loss. One is the psychological aspect and the second is the physical aspect. We will discuss both aspects that will help you manifest your desired weight loss.

Please keep in mind that all these steps and mindsets are applicable for normal weight loss. For excessive weight loss, there will be more additional steps to be taken under medical observation.

Weight Loss – Psychological Aspects

Weight Loss

Here are 4 psychological aspects to understand when you plan to lose weight.

Clear The Myths

There are many myths about weight loss. Let us look at some of these that are most famous on the internet.

  • Decreasing food intake is necessary for weight loss.
  • Fat people are unhealthy.
  • Weight loss needs too much workout.
  • Fatty Foods increase weight.
  • Carbs make you fat.
  • Diet Foods help you lose weight.

These are a few that are famous. I call all these myths BS.

Decreasing food intake will make you less immune and you are more prone to get diseases. Being fat is not at all unhealthy unless you have fat blotted in your abdominal area.

It doesn’t need an excessive workout to lose weight. A stipulated amount of carbs is necessary for your daily diet or else you will have deficiencies. Diet food has the most vulnerable components that add to your weight.

These are the truths against the above all myths. You can surely checkout with any good dietician or your family doctor.

I have many dietitians, bodybuilders, gym instructors friends. I have dug them all and ate their brains for this purpose. Their reply was the same as mine that it is all BS.

All these things are just the creation of those who know very little about the body or those who just want to sell their products to gain commission. The best way to get these myths cleared is to talk to properly trained people.

Remain Stress-Free

Weight Loss

This is one of the biggest things that affects your weight. When a person is under stress, they tend to eat more or less. Very few are tend to develop a low appetite. But mostly there are chances of prone to overeat.

During stress, the blood flow to your mind is more than your digestive system. Your mind is continuously thinking and hence the blood flow is high. The digestion process is less active and people gain weight.

These fats are accumulated mostly in your abdominal and hip areas. Thus, there is an increase in your weight.

Read a complete study by Harvard Medical School stating how stress leads to overeating and how the weight increases.

Therefore, it is of utmost necessity to control your stress levels. Here are 13 exercises that will help you decrease your stress level and stay positive in negative situations.

Align Thoughts With Your Body

Aligning your thoughts with your body is another important thing for weight loss. Usually, people start hating their bodies. That is what causes their stress and anxiety to increase.

This is where LOA comes into focus. Start with self-love. Love your body. Start to visualize yourself as you will look after the weight loss.

LOA is all about the emotions you put into your visualization and your dreams. Get so real about the results. Believe that you deserve it and it is happening.

Start feeling the same happiness and emotions you will feel after losing weight. Define your goals, break them into weekly or daily goals and then start working on them. Visualize your future self before and after workouts. This will keep you motivated.

Let me share with you an interesting fact about our minds. It doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination. Hence, when you feel the emotions of achievement, it starts responding as if it is real.

I was listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza, who is a neuroscientist. When he was asked about how powerful the human mind is, on which he replied that if a person continuously feeds the mind with thoughts of weight lifting for about 5 days, you will notice a minor increase in your muscles.

Our mind is very powerful. There is a similar experience. Start thinking and claiming that you are losing weight. Believe it thoroughly. There shouldn’t be any doubt, not even 0.001 percent.

Not only this, tell everyone you meet that you are losing 2-4 lbs every day. And after these 5 days, you will see a decrease in your weight.

Once you start doing this, slowly and gradually your food intake will be less. Moreover, you will be vigilant about your food habits and eventually have a decrease in your weight.

If just your thought process and vigilance brought a change in your weight. Just imagine what will happen when your thoughts and actions are combined.

I am sure that when you will align your thoughts and actions, nothing can stop you from achieving your desired weight loss that to in less time.


Weight Loss

Patience is the essence of the Law of Attraction. As your weight gain was gradual, your weight loss will also be gradual and proportionate to your workout habits.

Usually, people start going to the gym and within a few days expect a drop in their weights. That’s not at all possible.

The first thing you must avoid is checking your weight every day. Do it once or twice weekly. Most importantly don’t let it hover your thoughts. Just see it.

Due to an injury in the leg and fewer physical movements, I gained about 22 lbs in a month. I and my wife started going to the gym in December 2019.

My wife had the same thing and was watching often. Every day after returning from the gym she complained that her weight wasn’t decreasing.

I explained to her the same thing and she applied it. After 2 weeks of consistent workouts, she saw a significant drop in her weight.

Hence, being patient is the key to every manifestation process. Believe that you deserve it, have complete faith in the universe/god or whatever you call it, and take necessary steps.

Your part is done and be patient with the results. Your psychological and LOA part is done here.

Weight Loss – Physical Aspects

Here are 4 physical aspects that you need to work on while planning to lose weight. Following the first three, you can lose around 10-20 lbs easily without any harsh workouts and eating your regular healthy diet. When you have more lbs to lose, you need to include the fourth point.

Have Proper Eating Habits

Weight Loss

Our eating habits play a big role in weight management as well as weight loss. Mostly, people tend to eat fewer times a day but have a huge calorie intake. This leads to weight gain. Eating the same quantity in breaks will help you maintain your weight.

Moreover, many people have an improper diet. Complete carbs, no carbs, full fat, no fat, etc. This leads to a food disorder and further leads to deficiencies.

Your geographical location is another point to be considered in your diet. What suits people in South America will not suit people in North America. People living in cold areas need different food habits than people living in hot or moderate areas.

Gender, body type, height, medical complications, profession, etc also play an important role in your eating habits. So you have to be quite accurate in this.

Proper eating habits with a balanced diet that constitutes all the required nutritional components according to your need is a must. Consult a dietician or nutritionist to get your diet set.

Convert Your Routine Into Physical Work

Weight Loss

By converting the routine tasks that help you burn your calories will make your journey of weight loss painless and joyful.

Before the accident, I wasn’t going to the gym and yet was healthy and maintaining my weight. It was possible only because I designed my routine task into physical work.

Climbing stairs instead of using elevators, going for a walk, walking in the house while reading, etc are the changes I made to convert my routine tasks into physical work.

Moreover, even my friendly gatherings were also physical. We never talked sitting at a place. We used to walk about a mile and had conversations.

So, take your diary and write down your routine. Convert it in a way that it has the most physical activity. The basic behind doing this is that your physical work helps you burn those extra calories that get accumulated in your body.

Strictly Follow Discipline

Weight Loss

Commitment and discipline are key elements of any manifestation. Strictly follow the workout routines and food habits that you have decided.

Usually, people do it for a few days and then lose interest. Sometimes, people cheat diets. One in a month is still fine, but people make it a habit now and then. Hence, your cheat diets must also be disciplined.

My partner has this habit. No matter what happens, he never intakes anything more than his stipulated diet. Completely disciplined in their food habits as well as their daily walking routines.

He lost 13-15 lbs in 3 months just by maintaining discipline in his daily food intake and daily walks. Be strictly disciplined and you will be easily able to lose weight.

Learn Proper Workouts

Weight Loss

Workouts and proper workouts are two opposites. One person is doing 60-100 stretching moves and not burning much fat whereas another person does 20-40 and gets easier in shape.

The first person does more but his movements don’t affect the muscle as required. Whereas the second person takes slow moves complete stretchings that affect the muscles properly and is going to get results.

You might have also seen this around you. What is the reason? The basic reason is the proper moves. Thus, going to the gym doesn’t just solve your problem. Proper guidance and thorough knowledge are also important to get results in less time.

Do some research, consult proper professionals and you can gain results in less time compared to the others.

Now, the time for the good news. Those who want to lose weight can take my paid consultation. Please contact me through the contact form. This will include diet charts, mindset developments, proper body-mass evaluation, proper workout training that will help you lose weight in less time.

Moreover, there is another good news. We are also launching a weight loss course after 2 months. It has been delayed due to this COVID-19 situation.

Final Thoughts

Every manifestation is a combination of a proper mindset and disciplined actions. It is just a two-step process.

The first is to clear myths, remain stress-free, align thoughts, and be patient. Secondly, design proper eating habits, convert your routine work into physical work, follow the discipline and do the workout properly.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask us. We will be more than happy to help you.

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