Workout Mistakes

Avoid These 16 Common Workout Mistakes

You can get faster and sustainable results by avoiding workout mistakes. What actually matters is understanding what, how, why and when of your workouts.
– Fahim Lashkaria –

Going to the gym is always good. But doing things without knowledge very harmful. There are a few common workout mistakes that beginners make. Not only that, these mistakes are even made by so-called or self-proclaimed trainers.

I always say that every “body” is different. The intensity, reps, proportion, timing, diet for all cannot be the same.

Usually, the problem is that most trainers treat everyone the same. Especially, I have seen this a lot in the gyms in India. It is not that I have any problems with trainers. Many of those good ones are my friends.

But some are there who even don’t know the ABC of workout. You will be astonished to know that I have seen many who even don’t know the proper way of doing actually effective exercise.

They will push you so hard on doing excessive repetitions draining you off and sometimes even leading to muscle cramps or damage.

There is a very basic solution to this but first, we must know what are those common workout mistakes. Because you cannot change until you don’t know what you are doing wrong.

So, let’s begin.

Common Workout Mistakes To Avoid

Given below are 16 common workout mistakes we must avoid that will help you get faster and sustainable results. This will help you stay energetic all day without draining, enjoy your workout, and get the desired results easily.

Unrealistic Goals

Workout Mistakes

Often we get trapped in such lucrative goals without considering the logical facts and our body type. 6 pack abs in 6 weeks, or losing 20 pounds a month sound lucrative. I don’t say it is impossible.

Getting 6 packs in 6 weeks is only possible when you already have a flat belly and no love handles. Whereas losing 20 pounds is also possible once only possible when you are consistent with a proper diet and workout plan.

Contrary to the above, being overweight or having popped out belly, such goals will demotivate you. Yes, these should be your long-term goal but not the short-term goal. Break down your fitness goals so that you get inspired after these little victories.

Think practical and logical. You didn’t gain that all weight in one day and you cannot lose in one day. Follow the process and you will surely get the results.

Negative Mindset

Workout Mistakes

Many people have a negative mindset and that hinders their results. It is not only related to fitness but all aspects of life.

Mind relays according to the thoughts you feed it. It doesn’t have its own movie. You can only see what you feed in. If you start feeling that you aren’t losing, you will see it that way.

I have faced this in my earlier years when I just started going to the gym. I had a negative mindset.

A little effort seemed so much. I got tired with only a few repetitions. As I fed my mind that it’s hard and I am not losing, I was able to see only that.

Later on, when I started clinging on to positivity, I saw the results. All this is not bluff. It is basically science.

Have you heard of the Yellow Car Experiment?

In this experiment, when you choose to buy a yellow car, you will start seeing that car more often. It is not that everyone started buying what you desired or it started appearing by magic.

It is pure science. The moment you feed the thought of a yellow car in your mind will eliminate other objects and you will see it often.

All those yellow cars existed. Now that you have fed your mind, your mind uses the science of elimination and makes you see that car again and again.

Thus, having a positive mindset and believing in the process and the result is very much necessary. Moreover, while training people, initially I focus on developing a positive mindset in them.

Starving Diets

Workout Mistakes

Starving is basically not a solution but indeed a root of many problems. Starve diets will give you nothing but pale skin, a lethargic body, uneasiness, and even low metabolism.

Moreover, workout with starving diets can even lead to damages to tissues, bones, and permanent aches in the back, knees, and other joints.

There are two aspects to diet. Things that you must never do and things you must do to manage your diet. A diet that is highly effective and helps you in weight loss.

Previously, I have written an article explaining how to manage your diet. Click the link below to read the complete article:

Don’t Starve But Manage Your Diet To Lose Weight

Wrong Clothing

Workout Mistakes

Both men and women often make this mistake of wearing uncomfortable clothing during the workout. Starting from gym track pants to the undergarments.

You might have often seen people in your gym coming in their night pajamas. Pajamas are good for relaxing but not for workouts. Loose clothes are prone to disturb your workout moves.

Some people wear tight clothes and are often seen adjusting them during workout breaking the rhythm. It is necessary to wear comforting clothes not too tight and not too loose.

Many people complain of having rashes on inner thighs. It’s common because people often don’t wear proper undergarments. Boyshorts and hipsters are advisable. Especially for those who are obese and have bulky thighs.

Men must wear supporters (sports underwear) or boyshorts style underwear to give proper support to their testicles. This helps in avoid hurting and inner thigh rashes.

For women, it is advisable to wear hipsters, hi-waist control briefs, or boyshorts style panties under their tracks. This helps them to avoid panties slipping into their butts and also prevents inner thigh rashes.

Thus, proper workout clothing sense is important for performing your workout comfortably.

No Stretching

Workout Mistakes

Usually, we see people complaining of body ache and muscle pain after coming back from the gym. This is because your muscles had a sudden load of heavy physical activity.

This is the reason why a proper gym instructor will always tell you to perform your stretching before and after workouts.

Starting and ending the workouts without stretching is just like inviting cramps and muscle soreness.

Pre-workout stretching helps the muscles to get ready for the workout. Whereas post-workout stretching helps the muscles to relax and repair.

It increases the blood flow and gets your muscles ready for physical activity. For my trainees, pre-workout and post-workout stretches are mandatory. None of my trainees have complained of having muscle soreness or cramps.

No Warm-Ups

Workout Mistakes

Warm-ups are often misunderstood with stretching. Stretching is just elongating your muscles and giving them flexibility. Whereas warm-up is making your blood flow higher.

You can do this just by walking 5-10 minutes on the treadmill or 5-10 minutes cycling. If you are at working out at home and don’t have a treadmill or exercise bike then you can do spot jogs or jumping jacks.

Either you are going to the gym in the morning or the evening, a warm-up is a must. This raises your blood circulation.

For morning people, it will help them remove the dizziness and make them fresh. Whereas for evening people it regenerates their energy after a busy day at work.

Inadequate Fluids

Workout Mistakes

Inadequate water or fluid intake can cause a sudden drain in energy. Eventually, this decreases your performance.

Most lazy people don’t carry their water with them to the gym as they don’t want any baggage.

Speaking medically, while exercising our body temperature rises above normal and stresses the body. Fluids like water, juices, or nonaerated Vitamin C helps to maintain your body temperature and keep you hydrated.

Furthermore, the fluids also help to lubricate your joints. This reduces inflammation and helps in making your workouts more effective.

Proper hydration helps you to carry the essential nutrients that provide us the energy to perform more repetitions required for gaining muscles or losing weight.

Thus, avoiding or skimping on fluids should be avoided at any cost.

Improper Workout Techniques

Workout Mistakes

Performing workout with improper techniques is like doing the work and not getting paid or less paid. As an intelligent person, we won’t accept being less paid.

Let me explain it with an example.

If someone wants to lose thigh fat and performs abs exercises thrice weekly. He is high on repetitions but performs it in the wrong way, then it will not give the desired results.

On the contrary, the same person performs half of it but follows the proper technique then this will indeed give her results as well as will get less tired.

Don’t do it for the sake of doing. Learn properly every workout so that you can get the desired results in less time.

I see many people coming to my gym for a year and performing 3 times more exercises than me. But they haven’t lost much. Whereas, I have lost 30 pounds in 3 months. One of the major differences I could observe was the proper techniques.

Excessive Repetition

Workout Mistakes

There are chances of muscle tearing by performing excessive repetitions. You might have heard the proverb, “Too much of everything is bad“.

This has happened with my wife. She had her belly untoned and asked for some guidance. Her lady instructor, who was again the unknowledgeable one, instructed her to do 500 half crunches to get the results.

My wife was performing 3 sets of 50, which was also too much. She didn’t follow her. Thank God, she asked me before performing them. I denied performing these many repetitions.

I know the result. She would have developed excessive pain and there were high chances of muscle tearing.

You know your limits. Pushing your limit slowly and gradually is advisable but going too excessive is inviting problems.

Long Rests Between Workouts

Workout Mistakes

While you are performing workouts, taking long rests between 2 similar sets you put all the efforts in vain.

Giving long rest cools down your body. You need to keep your heart rate elevated. Limit your breaks to 30 seconds or less.

We often see people texting, emailing, or even shopping between sets. Firstly, avoid taking your phone to the gym or while working out at home.

Not Providing Enough Rest To Muscles

Don’t confuse this rest with the rest between the sets. Because this rest is for muscles and it means to provide rest to that muscle to repair/recover.

Doing so will slow down the result as the muscles aren’t properly repaired. The best example of this is doing everything every day. Abs, Thighs, Shoulders, etc.

It is advisable to do abs twice or maximum thrice a week and that too on alternate days. You will see many people performing abs every day as if their six-packs will pop up the next week itself.

It’s not fun. When muscles aren’t rested they become sore and also cause unnecessary pain. Furthermore, this pain leads to inconsistency and breaks.

We often newbies coming to the gym for 8 days and not giving proper rest to muscles will suddenly disappear the coming week.

Thus, try to provide proper rest to your muscles. For this, you will have to do some research about your workouts. You can find many experts on the internet who can guide you in this.

I follow Poznic Training and Athlean X to get proper knowledge of each workout. My theories match with them a lot and connect the workout with proper science. Thus, you know what, how, and why of your workouts.

Blindly Follow Other’s Workout

Earlier, I have also been a victim of this. Some people’s awesome body structures attract us and we follow their workout so that we can also get the same.

We forget that they have been training for a long time to get those lovely curves. THey muscles are trained of doing what they are doing. Whereas our muscles are still not well trained to equip those weights or exercises that they perform.

It is advisable to ask your trainer/instructor and do it with proper guidance. We often see gym fail videos. Though people make it for fun. But these failures are because people try to follow other’s workout.

Not Listening To Your Body

One of the biggest workout mistakes people tend to make is overwhelming the body with either too much or too many types of different activities all together.

You might be strong enough but performing different activities together can lead to severe drain and decrease immunity.

Define days for each kind of activity according to the muscle group (described below in detail). It is necessary to pay attention to what your body says. See how your body feels. A gradual increase makes it easier to bear in long run.

Improper Workout Planning

Workout Mistakes

Improper workout planning is also another workout mistakes that people often do. No planning. Go and do whatever you feel to do today. That’s their attitude.

Such people are like those walking in the dark. First of all, they don’t know how to do and what to do. Running in the dark, doing this and that activity is merely a wastage of time.

Do you remember how many squats you did in your previous leg workout?

If you literally don’t know, it’s a matter to worry. You cannot improve or increase the reps if you don’t know what you did the other day.

Ensure that you track and plan your workout so that you can monitor your progress over time.

Not Developing Flexibility

Workout Mistakes

Usually, they emphasize strength and neglect the importance of yoga. Yoga develops flexibility in your muscles. It helps to do a specific range of motion.

On the contrary, if your body isn’t flexible and you force your body to perform such motion, your body will deviate. There are probable chances of muscle getting her and develops pain, tension, and risk of injury.

According to Harvard, activities that lengthen and stretch muscles can help you prevent injuries, back pain, and balance problems. A well-stretched muscle more easily achieves its full range of motion. This improves athletic performance.

Making your schedule with daily 15-20 min of yoga or giving a full day to power yoga can help you maintain your flexibility. Thus, flexibility needs to an important part of any fitness routine for beginners as well as for pros.

Every day at the gym, I perform 10 min yoga. Moreover, on Saturdays, I give a full day to Power Yoga. This helps my body gain flexibility. Even though I have implants in my right hand, it doesn’t stop me from doing those flexible moves, and every Saturday,

Not Following Muscle Group Exercises

If you are a beginner then this might be a new word for you. Basically, the muscle group is what the word says. It is a group of muscles situated close together on your body and performs similar movements.

The 6 Main Muscle Groups: Chest, Back, Arms, Shoulders, Legs, and Calves. They can be combined based on your goals.

You must train each muscle group every 5-7 days. This allows sufficient recovery for muscles. Moreover, you need to use the correct exercises to train every muscle group. It is better to combine muscle groups like chest and triceps that use similar muscles.

You need to be vigilant. If you train more than 2-3 times per week, it’s fine. Increasing training frequency can lead to overtraining and injuries.

According to the experts, to get the best results, it is necessary to focus on one specific muscle group. Doing so activates multiple muscle fibers and you end up automatically working out other relative muscles.

Furthermore, this prevents energy drains and you have enough energy left to perform other workouts.

The basic science behind this is that grouping different muscles on different body parts on different days will give the muscles enough rest so they can recover.

Final Words

Workout Mistakes

All the above 16 things seem to be small but have a very important role in our workouts. If you avoid these 16 workout mistakes, this not only will save you from injures and aches but also get good results in a short time.

Don’t hassle. You can get what you want. Set goals and break them down into smaller goals. Stay positive and keep the doors close on negativity.

Take a proper diet consisting of proteins, fibers, and vitamins. Every component is necessary for the body. Wear proper gym clothing.

Don’t forget to perform the stretching and warm-up before you start your workouts. Carry your bottle and avoid dehydrating.

Learn proper workout techniques to get results in fewer moves rather than performing excessive repetitions.

If you need any guidance or want to consult us for weight-loss or workout training based on your body type, feel free to contact us in the comment section. We will be more than happy to help you.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us through the comment section. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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